Decorative Chrome

Decorative Chrome

Flexiable  and  Comfortable  Chrome

Decorative chrome is a new technology that fills the need of coating without heat. That’s makes it an ideal solution for those creative projects where you could have your piece painted. Yet answers the need of having something that makes it stronger than the traditional paint job.

It offers a wide variety of custom colors and in some cases when used on a material like leather, clearly leaves it flexible. So when used on a motorcycle seat for example, you can keep the durability and the same level of comfort the leather provided before. Then with ability of using a clear coat we can add a shine to make your design come to life.

Use All Kinds of Materials

This process allows us to paint just about anything that can hold a shape. Such as: wood, plastic, metals, clay, balloons, including some stretched materials liked the leather motor cycle seat mentioned in the example above.. This gives you a true advantage of eye popping colors with an exciting and shiny flair.

Project Help

We love helping with creative projects. Be it a powder or chrome project or even a combination of the two. It’s always best to get us involved early on. By doing so, we’re can help you in your planning and implementation steps to help you save time, money, and frustration while granting you the best result possible and a piece you could be proud of.

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