Powder Works LLC Monthly Promos

Promotions Plus

Promotions Plus

We Go Beyond Monthly Promotions

Powder Works LLC Saves You Time and Money

Would you agree that you work hard for your money? Yes! Of course, right!

We believe in helping our customers keep as much of their money in their pocket as possible while creating a Win – Win for both of us.

That’s why we wanted to give you the opportunity to add this to the mix of things. This can be done either with or without our  current month’s promotion

Check It Out and Save!

1) Paid in Advance Discounts

Our contractors love this because it adds more to their bottom-line and helps in scheduling.

Sometimes you might not be quite ready to do the project but want to get the tax credit and project savings? No problem, pay now and schedule now and bring in your project later. It helps us both out in scheduling, cash flow and room for your projects.

2) Multi Discount Plan

We can save you money and reduce that last-minute hustle by granting you a discount on your second and third item when ordered at the same time and put at least 25% down on your future orders.

(NOTE: Discounts very and apply on projects over $200.)

Call us now  +1 (801) 973-2317

Or check our contact us page for location and email to send us your project. Let us know how you would like to take advantage of saving even more money on your project and how we could help you with the scheduling to assist.