Promo – Christmas 2016

Promo – Christmas 2016

Check out our end of year specials. Be sure to take advantage of tax break you can with our end of year specials.

1) Paid in Advance Discounts

To capture every tax credit possible pay in advance and save even more! You could save in both the project cost while saving in tax credits for your fiscal year end specials.

Not quiet ready to actually do the project but want to get the tax credit and project savings? No problem, pay now and schedule now and bring in your project later.

2) Christmas Surprizes

Christmas is knocking on our door. We can save you money and reduce that Christmas husstle by granting you a discount on your second and third item when ordered at the same time. (Discounts very on projects just ask.)

Note: On orders needed for Christmas a 50% down is required to meet the holiday rush and scheduling of work load.

3) Christmas Projects

We go way beyond the basics. So if you have an idea in mind that is more along the creative side call us and lets chat. Depending on what it is we can fabricate or cofabricate your special gift. If you need it for Christmas items must be paid up front for a discount or at least 50% down to ensure Santa has enough helpers to get the job done.