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About Us

About Us

Our History

We’ve been in business since 1998. When we got started we use to own a steel fabrication shop & we couldn’t find a shop that would do our parts quickly & correct. With the big shops, we got bumped when a larger order came in. The small shops rushed & didn’t get the job right. So, we started our own powder coating shop.

Having felt the frustrations of getting pushed aside or getting a job poorly done from a personal stand point we decided to implement “A 1st in 1st out policy.” We recognized that everyone has their own deadlines to meet. So be it a small or large shop or individual we consider each just as important as the next.

December 2016, we discovered our clients needed additional ways to coat. Some of their projects could not handle the typical high heat that was required for curing in the powder coating process. Thus, we opened our decorative chrome division. Now we can coat just about every item they could dream of.

We focus on our customer’s needs. Powder Works LLC, allows you to:

Coat Your Imagination and More . . .

Location Information:

We like to keep things simple.

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Roughly we are about 6 blocks east of Bangerter Highway and 5 blocks north off of 3300 S.

Business Associations:

Get a glimpse here of what Ray and his family’s have done with community involvement and then get more details on our  blog.  Each area will have a blog link key word to click on.

BMX Related

Proud supporter of Rad Canyon BMX. Which is the local USA BMX racing coordinator. See some of the highlights on our blog here under BMX related

Automotive/Diesel Related

We are a proud Pro Stock Sponsor of the Utah Valley University’s Auto Expo aka UVU Auto Expo for over 10 years. To see more on our UVU involvement click here. 

Salt Flats Related

USFRA – Utah Salt Flats Racing Association. To be in the know with us on the Salt Flats click here for blog posts.

Organizations Supporting Cancer Patients and Families

Millie’s Princess Foundation

Millie’s Princess Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support and hope to families affected by childhood cancer, as well as raising awareness about the devastating effects of this disease. Because fighting cancer is a Royal Pain the organization does so by picking a princess and a princesses each year and assist their families financially for a year. The Millie’s Princess Foundation is a 501(c)3 and is completely run by volunteers. This ensures that your generous and heartfelt donations go directly to the families who needs our help.

To learn more about the organization click here.

To learn more on our blog about how the Bloomfields, it’s owners and family members of Powder Works LLC supported this important organization. Click here for Millie.

The Tyler Robinson Foundation

The Tyler Robinson Foundation is another organization that we have supported as a family and encourage others to also do so. Tyler the focus of this organization had a personal connection with our son Andrew. You can learn more on our blog about this amazing young man and how it impacted the life of our son and how we supported them both in Andrew’s act of love and awareness for his friend.

The foundation’s focus is to help families who are struggling with bills while their kids are getting cancer treatment. Below is an excerpt from the foundations website to give you a little in site to the importance of giving.

The Tyler Robinson Foundation begins with the story of Tyler – one of many heroes who chose not to let his prognosis dictate his outlook on life. At 16-years-old, Tyler was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.  In the following year leading up to his passing, he was able to touch countless lives.”

Services We Offer:

Custom powder coatings for the most beautiful, long-lasting finishes; we are well known for the highest quality in our work. We specialize in: Airplane Parts * Auto/Motorcycle * Balusters * Bumpers * Chassis Frames * Fence Posts and Gates * Grab Rails * Hand Rails * Hinges * Lawn Furniture * Lighting * Medical Equipment * Metal Furniture * Modern Display Items * Roof Racks * Shower Stalls * Window Grates and more.

Also, decorative chrome on anything that can be painted.

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Or check our contact us page for location and email to send us your project. We would love to hear from you and have you share your imagination.