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Our powder coating skills go beyond the basics. Although we can do that too. We let your imagination rule the idea and we back it with the technology and skill. We love making creative pieces. We make them with Flair.

Coating Your Imagination And More . . .

We are a family owned shop, serving our clients since 1998. With our large selection of custom colors and techniques we create the most beautiful, long-lasting finishes. We are recognized for the highest quality in our work and well known for our marbleized custom finish. We will powder coat anything from: * Airplane parts * Balusters * Chassis * Fence posts * Frames * Handrails * Metal furniture * Exercise equipment * Bike & Automotive parts just to name a few.

Plus, we recently started offering a decorative chrome finish. This can be applied to about anything that can be painted. Wood * Metal *Plastics * Stretched leather * plus. Just ask us what’s best for your project.

We Are Your Pre-Planning Coating Experts.

All too often people think that the coating process is the last thing on the to do list for a project. However, when proper planning at the beginning happens you get a much better result.

Let us give you an example. Let’s say you build a table for the outdoor patio. However, you neglect to think about putting rubber bumpers on the bottom of the legs for which it sits on. This would leave the metal that you just coated exposed to unnecessary wear and tear when you are having to drag it about your patio. Simple things like this happens a lot more than what you would think. This causes your project to have early corrosion and rust. These simple but important things are frequently left out of the planning process causing you added time, money and effort that could have been avoided.

So be sure to run your idea past us. Our successful coating experts could point out or remind you of the little things that can make a big difference in your projects extended life. At Powder Works LLC, we save you time, we save you money, we help you to create beautiful pieces that you could be proud of.

Creativity Is Our Specialty.

We love working with creative projects. Like our home page shows we coated the spider at Lagoon. We have created metal roses for fund raisers and assorted creative wall plaques, tables, and cactus style mailboxes for starters. That has all been done in just our powder coating division.

With the expansion into our decorative chrome division we will be able to coat just about anything you could think of. Doing specialty projects like trophies that you have designed that just needs the color for flair. We can also do assorted coating in the restoration of art pieces or assist with the coating of new artistic projects as well.

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Because at Powder Works LLC we are Coating Your Imagination and More . . .